Terms & Conditions

We try to keep Asheldham's Terms & Conditions of Useage to an absolute sensible minimum. However this is an unusual Centre, with a volunteer team, in an early medieval Grade II Listed building.

Allow us to highlight some important points:

1. Regarding bookings: you must email or Royal Mail us with your confirmation of booking/requirements/request. No bookings can be made purely and solely by phone. Obviously, phoning ( or e-mailing) first to enquire is ok!

2. We require a deposit. £100 is standard.

3. We require you to let us know what time you will arrive/depart.

4. You will need insurance. We expect you to have this. We will not chase you to find out if it is in place. The minimum you will need is as follows:

Cover for theft, loss or damage to our equipment/building by some or all of the school/youth/church/adult group.
Accidental loss or theft of group money whilst group is on-site or undertaking a day course off-site, staying at Asheldham.
At least £2 million of liability cover for the group, which includes the group leaders (not the Asheldham Management Team) liability to the youth/adults whilst on-site at Asheldham.
Cancellation or curtailment cover for all individuals in the group if a course cancelled but by prior arrangement due to the course being imminent monies cannot be refunded by Asheldham.

5. This information is binding in that you have been made aware of this and our expectation is that you have read, understood, and will adhere to it.

6. None of the Management Team will be instructing. Our role is to facilitate your day/evening/weekend/week's course/residential/retreat. Barry Howard is the Manager of the Centre but also the Owner of 'Hunter Outdoor Training'. You may hire his company to instruct. He has the appropriate Public Liability insurance. Asheldham has Employer's Liability Insurance valid until April 2018.

7. We reserve the right to deny groups and/or individuals access to the Centre, and/or, if necessary, to ask them to leave. This applies also to group leaders.  This decision will be solely the Manager's. It has only happened twice in 39 years. We are fully supported by The Diocese of Chelmsford in this decision.

8. As a Management Team we delight in opening up our building to you to use. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it presentable and practical (within the confines of a medieval structure); we expect leaders to encourage their group whether youth or adults to respect the Centre in all ways, and leave it in the state they found it. Thus in the Leaders' Handbook there are advisories about cleaning before departure. Please undertake this. 

9. All groups are expected to have risk-assessed their own activities. The Asheldham Centre Management Team and the owners, the Diocese of Chelmsford, cannot and will not be held liable for activities which are not reasonably prepared, safe, actually risk-assessed (ie formally on paper and dated prior to the course), and staffed/led by a responsible. and where necessary, qualified adult. 

10. We respectfully request that Groups and their Leaders remove every item pertaining to that Group from the Centre on the day of departure. In the interest of security and safety for the following Group, no persons will be allowed back in the Centre to collect equipment 'stored', 'left', or 'forgotten'. Key-Safe codes are changed after the departure of every group.

11. It is expected that group leaders inform the Management Team, through the Team's mobile no. 07919 282656, of any problems, damage, or missing equipment, occurring during their stay. Detailed accounts can be sent to the managing company's email at huntertraining@hotmail.com