'Asheldham' is a unique residential centre. Groups can be totally self sufficient or they can buy-in extra instruction / activities. The building is old - very old - very, very old in fact. The building was completed in about 1110 AD and has had numerous additions throughout the centuries. There is evidence of a Saxon church - and possibly Roman links. There's an iron-age plateau-fort just 600m to the west. So when you stay in a building like this - all fully equipped, it really is very special.

The ambience of The Centre makes you want to return. In winter it is very cosy, in summer it's very quiet, autumn is magical and spring assaults the senses. Four miles from the nearest village, with no street lights, only 48 houses in the whole parish of  Asheldham, though we do have a telephone box, and occasionally a bus passes through. That's it, and you are right on the edge of the mysterious Dengie Marsh, one of the most 'unknown' and 'undiscovered' parts of England, once described by The Daily Telegraph as amongst the six most remotest places in England.

We of course commend the place to you, and ask at the very least to let us show you round before you make any decision as to whether you use it for your retreat, youth group, or course. If you arrive on recommendation from another group we still suggest you have a look at The Centre first. 


The   Centre  is  part of The Diocese of Chelmsford's residential provision. Clients  are  of   all  ages  from across the country  though primarily Essex  and east London, and mainly but not exclusively  youth.

Our mission is to  provide a base for the development, through leisure time activities, of physical, mental, and spiritual growth so that those who experience the uniqueness of Asheldham may grow to full maturity as 'well rounded' members of society.

We believe that Asheldham offers an excellent base for residential activities and its position on the Dengie peninsula enables groups to take advantage of the large number of facilities and attractions in the area.

Asheldham offers the opportunity for groups to come and organise their own programme, but if you would prefer to have some assistance with this, do contact the  Manager. Organised activities can be arranged through our Team at an extra charge. Barry  Howard manages the Centre and in his other role as an award-winning provider of outdoor education and training can provide all levels of survival training, winter campcraft, backpacking expeditions, tracking, remote guided walks on the Dengie, geography and/or local  history fieldcourses at KS2-KS4, management courses, leadership courses, and many more.

We hope you will enjoy your stay and will come back again - and tell others about this marvellous and totally unique facility for young, and not so young, people in our region.

Barry Howard

Manager, The Asheldham Centre