Contacts & Bookings

Our experience of outdoor centres over 50 years of being outdoorsmen and women has given us a vast amount of experience in knowing what 'works'  - and what doesn't. Barry and the small volunteer team that work tirelessly behind the scenes maintain this medieval building for users' benefits to enhance whatever the group's own programme happens to be.

You can contact the Manager on 07919 282656.

To book we will need  the following information from you: 

Name of group

Name of group leader

Mailing address

Telephone number

Mobile tel. number of group leader

E-mail address

Date[s] required (always check with Senior Manager on above number)

Total number in group

Is/are overnight[s] required?

Planned time of arrival?

Planned time of departure?

New church groups staying at the Centre may be asked to sign a Declaration of Faith document.

We do not accommodate family groups.

Further details can be obtained from and  

You can contact The Asheldham Centre by email at or

Should you wish to look around the Centre before booking please contact us.